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The beginning of winter a good time of the year to look at the health of evergreen trees, like conifers, and treat for over wintering pests.  For the basics to be in place for this type of job garden job, just ensure that you have a quality pair of secateurs, a lopper, a tree sawpruning seallime sulphur and a functional pressure sprayer.  With these on hand, you’ll be able to tackle all but the biggest of trees.  

Pruning Seal or Tree Seal  work in similar ways.  Once the tree is cut, an obvious wound is made to the plant.  This wound is a very real concern, as it is now a source for infection.

Potential die back from the cut can occur. When the cut is made, ensure that the loppers and or secateurs are clean and sterile (washed in a light bleach solution or other sterilising solution such as Grovisan).  Clean the blades between cutting of each tree to prevent the spread of any unforeseen infections. Once this has been done, apply the seal to the tree liberally. The pruning seal contains a fungicide and as it dries and seals the wound, it helps to prevent  infections.