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Bulbs are always in short supply so be sure to get yours as early as possible.  Early winter bulbs are generally planted between March and June and will give an abundance of flowers through late June to early spring.  Most bulbs, like Dutch Iris and Anemones enjoy a good sunny position where they are able to make use of the light to produce good strong growth and plenty of flowers. Daffodils and Snowdrops prefer a dappled light (semi-shaded) position and will brighten up otherwise dull areas of the garden. 

Be aware of moles and other pests like porcupines that can eat and destroy an entire batch of bulbs in a single night.  Plant your bulbs out in pots instead.  Bulbs like a good quality soil (lots of compost) with a good phosphate level and regular feeds and waterings to give them full strength for their  flowering duties.  Don’t be shy to spoil them! Feed with Grovida Prescription Mix Soluble fertilizer and Plant with Grovida Superphosphate to keep the hungry plants fed!