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Well-fed plants are healthier, more productive and more beautiful. Plants need to be fertilised because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth. Even if you are lucky enough to start with great garden soil, as your plants grow, they absorb nutrients and leave the soil less fertile. 

By fertilizing your garden, you replenish lost nutrients and ensure that this year’s plants have the food they need to flourish.There are six primary nutrients that plants require. Plants get the first three—carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—from air and water. The other three are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Many gardeners get confused when it comes to choosing plant food and fertilisers.  The information on the packaging with all the numbers on the bag. Printed on a bag of fertiliser you will notice three numbers, separated by colons.

The first number on the bag represents the portion of Nitrogen (N).
The second number represents the portion of Phosphorus (P).
The third number represents the portion of Potassium ( K).

The final number in brackets is the total amount of concentrated fertiliser that is available to the plants. The rest is made up of filler, which simply holds the concentrated fertiliser mixture.


Fertilising Lawns:   Look for a fertiliser with a high N content. An example would be to use  a 3.2.1 or a 4.1.1, as both of these blends have higher N which will make your grass green.
Fertlising Fruit Trees:  Here you would look at a 3.1.5. As the high K would promote fruit bearing.
Fertlising Rose Bushes & Shrubs:  Look at a 8.1.8 or even a 3.1.5.
Of course, a general fertiliser as mentioned above – a  2.3.2 would do all.

Do not let the numbers confuse you. Pop into Grovida and our friendly staff will gladly assist you with the correct fertiliser.

Helpful tip:  Remember, when applying any granular fertiliser you need to apply water as soon as possible.