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Garden Pests: Moles

Moles are the primary lawn pest in Winter as I’m sure many keen gardeners have noted. The Winter season is rodent breeding season and as such their activity levels spike and many a manicured pristine lawn is ruined by the appearance of dozens of molehills formed virtually overnight. Moles are tricky to bait/Catch and as such preventative measures include the likes of Sonic emitting devices that disturb the moles underground or Solar Vibrating poles that charge in the daylight hours and vibrate loudly and threaten the moles as a potential predator would. These work particularly well in Winter as the moles are looking to set up shop to have offspring and any disturbance generally causes them to vacate the area quickly.

The other more permanent treatment is an off-label usage of Aluminium Phosphide tablets. This option is considered the nuclear option as the gas formed after sublimation is a highly noxious gas called phosphine gas that is very often lethal to the moles. When used correctly the heavy gas will move and snake its way through the tunnel network created by the mole and will either flush them out or kill them in the ground. This option should always be used with extreme caution as the tablets and gas are very poisonous to people and animals alike. Always seek advice before using this product to use it correctly and safely.

Surface moles can also be treated with phosphine gas provided black plastic sheeting (250micon thick) is laid down over the target area to prevent the dissipation of the sublimate gas.