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Growing your own veggies guarantees that your veggies are fresh. There is so much satisfaction in going out into the garden and picking your very own freshly grown veggies.  Every garden should have a veggie patch. It is fun for the whole family and provides an opportunity for you to grow what your family loves to eat. Get your children involved, as they will get satisfaction from watching the seeds or seedlings growing to fully grown vegetables right in front of their eyes.

Growing your own veggies is a lot easier than you think.   However, not all gardens have the perfect soil to grow veggies; some are too sandy or loamy. When preparing a veggie patch you can never dig too much compost into your soil. As the saying goes, the more the better.  A helpful  tip one 30dm bag of compost  should cover no more than 3 square meters. Work the compost into your soil at a depth of more or less a spade. It is also advisable to use Bone Meal and mix this with the compost together. Both these products are organic and will give your veggies a great start.

Remember, not only do your veggies need watering daily, but by mixing the soil this creates oxygen. 

Oxygen is needed at the root zone. No oxygen and your roots simply can’t grow, nor can they take up the required water.

Time spent preparing your veggie patch is well worthwhile and you will reap the rewards later on. The other advantage of growing your own veggies is that if you choose not to use pesticides, it’s great knowing you have healthy, organic food.

That’s not to say that your veggies will not get attacked by insects. That can still happen, but here again, there are great tips available for keeping them at a minimum.  For example, growing Marigolds alongside the veggies acts as a natural repellent to most insects.

If you have to use an insecticide, at least then you can apply an organic insecticide. Besides watering, we suggest using an organic foliar fertiliser like Kelpak or Nitrisol. These products can be applied directly onto the foliage and the plants will take up all the nutrients, giving you healthier vegetables.  Live healthy, eat healthy.  If you need any advice on growing your own veggies, call in and chat to us.