COMBO 2: 500ml Nitrosol Organiksol & 2L Garden Pressure Hand Sprayer


Organiksol organically based plant food is a liquid, readily absorbed, environmentally safe plant nutrient recommended for the cultivation of all indoor and outdoor foilage, flowering, alkaline or acid-loving plants. Recommended for ferns, African violets, palms, orchids, bonsai, seedlings, ground covers, shrubs (camelias, azaleas, hydreangers, brunfelsias, roses etc).
Also provides healthy nutrition for ornamental trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, berry bearing plants, vegetables, vines and lawns.

Shake container well before diluting the contents.
Highly concentrated, 5ml makes 1,5L of sustained release plant food. (1:300) Dilute 1 cap in 3L of water.
This hand held and compact sprayer is perfect for spraying plants and weeds with those necessary chemicals to have a healthy and flourishing garden. With the adjusting nozzle you can have a steady mist spray so as not to damage delicate plants or shrubs. A must for every garden.

From a brand you can trust. Put one in your basket today.

– Compact and hand held
– Durable and long lasting
– Adjustable nozzle

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