COMBO 10: 500ml Nitrosol Organiksol, Pink & Green Flower Garden Gloves & Small Shovel


What’s in the box
x1 Grovida Garden Gro Shovel – Small – 68cm x 15cm x 6.5cm
x1 Grovida Garden Gloves Flower Print – Pink / Green
x1 Grovida Nitrosol Organiksol – 500ml

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This combo will make an ideal gift for any avid gardener!

Choosing the right type of shovel for the job will help you work more effectively and avoid injuries.
It will also provide better results for your garden.
This garden shovel is great for planting, light digging, weeding and mixing.
This shovel has a rounded blade and a slightly pointed tip.
It is useful for digging, transplanting, lifting, and all sorts of garden tasks.

The Garden Shovel is Small – 68cm x 15cm x 6.5cm

These versatile gardening gloves for ladies are not just attractive but practical too.
These gloves are comfortable and durable and they will protect delicate hands during hours and hours of gardening.

Organiksol organically based plant food is a liquid, readily absorbed, environmentally safe plant nutrient recommended for the cultivation of all indoor and outdoor foliage, flowering, alkaline or acid-loving plants.
Recommended for ferns, African violets, palms, orchids, bonsai, seedlings, ground covers, shrubs (camellias, azaleas, hydreangers, brunfelsias, roses etc).


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