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Used as all purpose rooting powder for semi hardwood cuttings.

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Dynaroot is an easy to use rooting Hormone powder designed to improve the Strike rate (Successfully rooted) of cuttings taken to clone new plant material. Dynaroot No1 is designed for Soft herbaceous cuttings like Impatients and certain succlents and increases the strike rate to well above 90%. Dynaroot No2 is then designed for Semi Hard wooded cuttings like Roses, Hydrangeas and Fuschias. These plants are easy enough to identify as they have a layer of secondary thickening or first layers of Bark that have developed Rooting Potential is around 60-70%. Dynaroot No3 is for Truncheons, Large Woody cuttings and air layering of larger plant material like tree cuttings. Strike Rate for this will only sit at around 20-30%. Dynaroot is a concentrated blend of Plant hormone Auxin and Cytokinin, which are readily taken up by the plants.


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