Grovida Lime Sulphur (1Litre)


Lime Sulphur

One of the oldest and still most useful chemicals around. It is both an insecticide and fungicide wrapped into one product.

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Used almost exclusively for deciduous plants for the treatment of overwintering pests and diseases, its most common usage these days is for the spraying of roses in dormancy.  In KwaZulu-Natal, we have warm and sometimes even hot winters.

Ironically, this makes the use of Lime Sulphur for roses even more important. Although roses do slow down as the light intensity in winter lessens, they will persist with small amounts of growth and will retain some foliage year-round. Spraying Lime Sulphur at a maximum of a 12% solution (i.e. 120ml per Litre of Water) will burn off any remaining foliage and force the plant into a form of shock and temporary dormancy.

Whilst doing this, it will also kill off any and all pests on the plants, attacking scale, aphids and mealy bug, amongst others.  It will also sterilize the soil against any pests below root level and potential fungal infections post pruning. The same applies for deciduous fruit trees such as peaches, plums (prunus spp.) and apples (Malus spp.). Although it is rarely used outside of the winter time frame, it is advised to get each fresh product every year as each batch only has a six-month shelf life.

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