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protective covering of bark chips, straw, or plastic sheeting placed on the ground around plants to suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture, or prevent freezing of roots.

Why should you mulch? With the major drought our country has just experienced, it has become more important than ever to save every drop of water.  Mulching your garden not only aids in water preservation, but it also helps eliminate those dreaded weeds that appear alongside your prized flowers or shrubs.  There are basically two types of mulch:  inorganic and organic.


Mulching has become so important. We all need to water less frequently but more deeply. We need the water to be at the root level of plants and not just a surface watering, where the sun simply evaporates the water straight from the garden beds. Remember plants absorb water through their roots and a good healthy organic soil will assist in the water holding capacity.

Fortunately today gardeners have many forms of mulching available to them. Remember before applying either a organic or inorganic mulch make sure that you have watered your plants well. Remember to apply either bone meal that feeds your plants for a lengthy time, or apply a slow release fertiliser like 3.1.5. s/r. Mulch should therefore be applied straight after planting.

Inorganic mulches include pebbles, stone and even gravel. These type of mulches tend to be more permanent and add colour to the beds.  Organic mulches include compost, leaves, straw, and bark. In fact, you could use almost anything organic, even  grass cuttings.  

Grovida sells a decorative bark, which consists of medium sized bark chips as well as the larger chips of bark namely  landscaping bark. Both barks are very pleasing to the eye.  Bark tends to last the longest of the organic mulches.  The advantages of organic bark is that because it does not break down so quickly, it can be raked up and put to one side when preparing for the next season flower bed and then simply re-used.  The bark does however begin to lose its true natural colour over time. Grovida now stocks a product called mulch coat that is sprayed onto the bark to rejuvenate it back to its natural look. The other cheaper organic mulches can simply be mixed into your flower bed.

To sum up mulching is important to save water, prevent weeds and it is decorative.  Give it a go, it is the right thing to do.