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In KwaZulu-Natal, as in most parts of our country, the first month or two of the year is usually extremely hot and humid. This tends to make most gardeners go into hibernation. However there are still many garden chores that need attending.

Summer time is when most pests come out and in particular – red spidermite. Redspider are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. If this pest is on your plants, the first signs are that your plant leaves tend to look dull. Many gardeners take this sign as a lack of feeding, when in actual fact, it is the redspider that is simply sucking the sap from the leaves.

These tiny redspider mites are normally found on the underside of the leaf. To control this pest you can use a product called Tedion. Remember to spray on the underside of the leaf. A repeat application is in most cases is needed to get this tiny pest under total control.

Another common problem at this time is that fungal diseases come out. Unfortunately, as soon as the fungus appears on your plants or lawn you need to take immediate action.  Fungus is common in the warmer months due to the high humidity and rain. The most common fungal diseases are black spot, blight, rust and mildew on plants.  Lawns tend to battle with Dollar Spot.

A recommended fungicide would be Supremo as it will control all of the above fungus problems. When applying a fungicide we recommend that you use a wetting agent as well. Something like Volcano 90 will do. A wetting agent ensures that the fungicide applied does not simply wash off at the next rainfall, making your application of fungicide farm more effective. Here again depending on your infestation, a repeat application will probably be necessary within 7 to 10 days.