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As we approach the warmer months and look forward to our summer rainfall in KwaZulu-Natal, the inevitable happens – weeds appear from nowhere!

Just like flowering plants in your garden, we also get annual and perennial weeds.  Annual weeds are a bit easier to control, whilst perennial weeds pose a bit of a tougher problem as they are tough and durable. As soon as you notice weeds, it’s always advisable to try take control immediately.   If the weeds are left to go into flower, then seeds are dispersed everywhere and this makes it harder to control.  So, act quickly and take control to avoid the weeds from spreading.

Can weeds be removed by hand? Yes most certainly.  This is the safer and better root to follow.  Hand weeding is, however,  time consuming and a boring chore.  Unfortunately, when many gardeners attempt to weed by hand, they tend to surface weed, meaning they do not get the root out.  If the root is not removed, this then leads to the weed springing up bigger and stronger later.  A great tool to use is the common Lasher Daisy Grubber to get the roots out. If you are planning on hand weeding, it is always advisable to wet the surface first as this makes it easier for the weeds to come out.

Chemical herbicides are by large the best way to get rid of your weeds. Do not be shy to take a sample of your weeds to your local nursery or to Grovida for identification.  

Also inform them as to the type of lawn you have so that the correct herbicide is recommended. You either have a fine lawn or a broad leaf lawn. This is sufficient for them to assist you.

Herbicides are broken down into selective herbicides and non-selective herbicides. An example of a non-selective herbicide is Round Up or Springbok. This herbicide will basically kill all grasses and weeds that you spray,  so it should only be used to kill weeds in your drive way or paths.   These are not recommended on lawns or flower beds at all.

Remember when using any herbicide, make sure your sprayer is working and not dripping.  Never ever spray on a windy day, or if you see that it may rain on the day you apply a herbicide.   Remember to always read the label and go in at the exact rate. DO NOT make the mix stronger.

Selective herbicides are the likes of MCPA and Lawnweeder. Selective herbicides control most broad leaf weeds in lawns and flower beds. Depending the type of lawn and weed you have will decide which product to use.

If you have any weed problems, do pay Grovida a visit and we will solve your weed problem for you.

Happy Gardening WEED FREE.