Grovida Springbok Total Weedkiller 100ml


Springbok Total Weed Killer 100ml is a non-selective weedkiller with no post residual activity.  It will happily wipe out any weeds you need removed in paving.

Grovida’s legendary Springbok Weedkiller is a highly effective product that when used at a 2.5% solution and sprayed onto actively growing weeds as a cover spray, will seemingly melt away the weeds. Some tougher small perennial species can hold out for about a week or so, but will eventually succumb.


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Far more effective than vinegar and far better for the environment than salting the earth, it is an essential if you have large paved areas in you need to maintain. Although Glyphosate has taken a knock recently in the media, the product is still considered safe for use when used responsibly.  It also has little to no residual activity and is essentially inert within days of application.

Please be cautious around using this product in any sprayer container and then using the same sprayer to treat desired plants, as it can do unwanted damage. Also keep in mind the environmental conditions when spraying.  Don’t spray if rain is imminent.  Do not cut back weeds prior to application, as this limits the absorption area of the weeds. Both of these factors can drastically affect the products efficacy.

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