Traditional Mechanical Mouse Trap 2PK (11cm x 4,5cm x 6cm)


These traps are a favourite way to catch mice quickly. Durable and hardworking this device will keep your home (or office) rodent free!


  • Made of high quality, durable plastic
  • Quick and easy to setup and reuse
  • Simple spring-loading mechanism, serrated serrations to the jaws
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to bait – attract rodents to the ideal shot stick position
  • Easy to set – vertical striker for faster response time
  • Can be placed under or behind the furniture

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How to use directions for use in bait stations:

  1. Remove bait cup from bottom of the trap, by turning the cup’s tab left.
  2. Fill the bait cup with any attractant of your choice.
  3. Once bait cup is placed, set the Trap by squeezing the back until the trap makes a click.
  4. Place the set trap in a secured bait station.

How to empty the trap:

  • Wearing gloves and with a garbage can ready to catch the rodent.
  • Squeeze the back of the trap to open the jaws of the trap.
  • The rodent will drop out.
  • Wash your hands afterwards.

How to re-set a trap:

  1. Check attractant, if attractant is empty, refill.
  2. Then, reset the Trap by squeezing the back until the trap makes a click, indicating the trap has been set.
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Dimensions 11 × 4,5 × 6 cm


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