Grovida Avi-Carbo DP Insect & Pest Control – 500g


A residual contact and stomach poison for the control of insects on various crops as listed. Also contact remedy for the control of red mites, tampans, and lice on poultry, and cage birds and in poultry houses. Will also control ticks and fleas on dogs and cats.

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Grovida Avi-Carbo DP Insect & Pest Control – 500g

Directions for use:
Use only as indicated.

Red Mites and tampans in buildings: Dust all poultry houses thoroughly and pay particular attention to the floor, new litter, perches, nests, nest hay, cracks in wood, and walls. Lice on birds: Dust under each wing and around the vent. Ticks and fleas on dogs & cats: Sprinkle powder lightly on the hair and rub in well. In the case of cats, the powder must be brushed out afterwards. Repeat weekly or as often as necessary

– Withholding periods: (Do not spray within the following number of days of harvesting): Tobacco: 14 days, Vines: 14 days, Cotton: 7 days, Lucerne: 1 day
– Poisonous when absorbed through the skin or swallowed or inhaled.

– Do not inhale the dust.
– Wash contaminated clothing daily.
– Wash with soap and water after use.
– Avoid the drift of the dust onto other crops, grazing, rivers, dams, and areas not under treatment.
– Clean the applicator before using it with other remedies and dispose of water where it will not contaminate crops, grazing, rivers, and dams.
– Puncture the empty container and dispose of it via an approved collector or recycler
– Do not bury, burn, or donate the container to any other parties that may use it as a container for food or beverages.
– Prevent contamination of food, feedstuff, drinking water and eating utensils.

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