Nitrosol Organiksol – 200ml


Comes in 200ml / 500ml / 1L

Organiksol organically based plant food is a liquid, readily absorbed, environmentally safe plant nutrient recommended for the cultivation of all indoor and outdoor foliage, flowering, alkaline or acid-loving plants.
Recommended for ferns, African violets, palms, orchids, bonsai, seedlings, ground covers, shrubs (camelias, azaleas, hydreangers, brunfelsias, roses etc).
Also provides healthy nutrition for ornamental trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, berry bearing plants, vegetables, vines and lawns.

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Shake container well before diluting the contents.
Highly concentrated, 5ml makes 1,5L of sustained release plant food. (1:300) Dilute 1 cap in 3L of water.

Directions for use:
– for potplants mix concentrated organiksol organically based plant food with water and water plants as normal
– repeat fortnightly intervals
– more frequent use is sometimes desirable and will not harm the plants if mixed according to the directions
– apply to lawn or groundcovers by watering can using 1 cap of organiksol organically based plant food and 3L of water and use 5L diluted product per 10 square meters fortnightly
– best results for outdoor use are obtained when plants, as well as the soil, are watered thoroughly with a solution
– not harmful to birds, bees or animals when used as directed

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200ml, 500ml, 1L


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